After Hours Support

Our office is open on weekdays. However, we understand that emergencies don’t always stick to standard work hours.

If you are experiencing a website emergency, please text us for a response within two hours at (503) 512-9483.

All work completed will be billed at our ASAP Rate.

What’s considered an emergency?

  • Your website is offline / down
  • Your website is redirecting to a different site

What isn’t an emergency?

  • Adding a new font or color on your site
  • New text or images for your pages
  • Updating emails
  • Adding a new membership tier
  • New products for your e-commerce store

We will be happy to schedule non-emergency updates during our normal business hours.

What to expect from After Hours Support.

If your website is offline or incorrectly redirecting (usually due to a hack), we will attempt to restore it from a backup. We cannot guarantee that this restoration will work. However, the likelihood of a successful restoration is much higher if we host your website or you are on a WordPress Care Plan.

The restoration can take up to 24 hours. You will only be billed for time spent initiating and actively managing the restoration.

If we do not host your website or you are not on a WordPress Care Plan, we may not be able to restore from a backup. In this case, we will schedule a full investigation during our normal business hours.

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