Case Study: A Modern Ecommerce WordPress Site for Everywine

Ryan and Arielle Cooper are not your typical wine aficionados.

This fun-loving couple is redefining wine by offering casual yet sophisticated tastings for vino lovers in Houston, Texas.

When Ryan and Arielle expanded their group tastings to a new building, they knew it was time to revamp their old website and provide an online experience as sleek and modern as their in-person tastings.

The old website was clean and colorful, but its DIY vibes weren’t cutting it anymore. They were fed up with a booking system that required cumbersome back-and-forth correspondence. They couldn’t even sell bottles or membership to their monthly wine group.

Ryan and Arielle were ready to invest in a strategic website that automated their processes and grew their business.

They wanted to add online functionality for automatic bookings and events. They were ready to sell wine directly through their website with a simple check-out process and clean, modern design for sales pages.

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They had also recently invested in exciting new branding and photography to show off their dynamic personalities, and the new website needed to reflect their new brand.

To kick off the project, Studio Anansi crafted a strategic plan for Everywine’s website.

We researched their audience, industry, and branding. We also identified their main website goals: to build their monthly membership program, sell bottles, and provide an easy online booking experience.

Using those strategic goals, we designed a new website that guides visitors through the Everywine experience. The site showcases their gorgeous tasting room and connection to the local community. We added subtle animation to bring liveliness and playful elements to the site.

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We also incorporated their brand colors to ensure a seamless experience from in-person tastings to the online orders.

The final website has it all — membership login, e-commerce store, bookings, and payment options.

It includes a membership login, online e-commerce store with easy options to add new products, digital booking across three venues, and multiple payment options for easier customer checkout.

The site is built on WordPress so it’s powerful enough for Everywine’s current needs and ready to scale as their business grows. Plus, we included training videos so the team can handle online sales and manage orders through their WooCommerce dashboard.

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Other site features include:

  • Clean, modern layout
  • Crisp, web-ready fonts
  • Simple forms
  • Responsive design for smartphones and tablets
  • Newsletter integration
  • Easily-managed e-commerce listings
  • Online Terms and Policies to protect the business

Arielle and Ryan love their new WordPress website.

Arielle says, “The timing of the prep process and start date were perfect.”

“I felt way more confident going into the design process knowing you had the answers to so many questions that would impact the look, feel, and functionality of the site.”

We just kept saying all month, “Elliot is a badass.”

A new website is a big investment, but our strategy and experience reassured the Coopers that Everywine was in good web design hands.

“I wasn’t confident that someone could as competently handle both the design and functionality aspects of the project,” Arielle says. “Often, it seems that people are strong in one or the other, but rarely do you find someone that is just as accomplished in both areas.”

Don’t worry, Arielle — we were delighted to develop a site that is both beautiful and practical.

| studio anansi

The gorgeous Everywine website bursts with personality, professionalism, and unwavering support.

“The personality of the brand shines through,” Arielle reports. “The automations have elevated our professionalism. We are really grateful for the post-launch videos and the straightforwardness with which the site was built.

“We feel encouraged and appreciated. There aren’t enough words of appreciation for your contribution.”

| studio anansi

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