5 Day Challenge, Day 2: Boost Site Speed

Your website has only a few seconds to make an impression. Test your website speed and take action if your site is loading slowly.

Welcome to the ongoing 5 Day Challenge!

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We’re in the midst of conducting a mini Website Wellness Exam with 1 step per day.

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And now, on to today’s step…

Day 2) Boost Site Speed

Today we’re focusing on website speed.

Fast load times lead to better online experiences and build audience trust. But if your website loads slowly, you’re throwing away valuable visitor attention and traffic.

What’s the problem with slow loading times?

Slow web pages frustrate your visitors and encourage them to leave your site. Online visitors expect webpages to load quickly on all devices. Your website has only a few seconds to make an impression — over 50% of mobile visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load in just 3 seconds. And that’s three seconds at most.

Plus, Google uses page speed to rank search results. That means slow loading times can decrease your search result rank.

Take time today to test your website speed. Keep in mind that your site should load in just a few seconds — I recommend 2 seconds or faster. If your site is taking longer, it may be bogged down by large images, unnecessary plugins, and outdated pages that waste resources.

Q: how quickly should my website load? A: 2 seconds or faster

If your site is loading slowly, start by looking at the website content. Remove unused plugins, extra themes, and extraneous page elements.

(Please be sure to backup your site before making any changes!)

With that, you’re done with Day 2. Get ready for another super important topic tomorrow!

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