Are you harnessing the power of automations to streamline your business?

By Elliot Olson

By Elliot Olson

Founder & Digital Strategist

Go behind the scenes with our founder, Elliot Olson. In this article, Elliot draws on a decade of experience to explain the power of email automations and tips to improve your business communications.

Email automations are one of the topics that I geek out about most.

In fact, I love email automations.

Here are a few reasons why —

  1. They save time (I’m talking HOURS each week) for you, the biz owner
  2. They help your potential customers and clients get answers faster (Again, saving hours or even days)
  3. They can be very personalized (Seriously! I’ve written and used very friendly automations in my own business and for clients)

That said, many people think of automations as one-and-done systems.

I recently worked with a client who hadn’t updated their welcome email in three years.

Yiiiiiikes. 💀💀💀

Why is that a problem?

Because in those years, their business had changed. Their mission had evolved. And the way they spoke about their services was now much more sophisticated.

Yet new leads from their website were receiving emails with old language and outdated services. As a result, there was a major mismatch in communication.

Inconsistent communication = less trust.
Less trust = more friction.
And friction = fewer conversions.

That’s why email automations can’t be “set-it-and-forget-it” systems.

They’re powerful tools — and like all tools, they require maintence.

I tell clients to review email automations whenever there’s a major business change, such as a rebrand or update in services.

And if you don’t have a major biz change on the horizon? I suggest you still revisit your automations at least twice per year.

It’s hard to quantify the value of up-to-date email automations. Your clients will rarely (aka never) say, “Your email welcome series was so wonderful that I went ahead and booked a package with you!”

But cohesive communication is one of the factors to build trust and credibility with your audience.

In other words, a quick check and rewrite now can mean better leads and much easier sales down the road.

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