Studio Anansi supports new businesses and emerging NONPROFITS

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Are you a new business owner or NONPROFIT?

You need a great website to attract new an audience.

But you need an audience to afford a great website.

To help emerging businesses and new nonprofits, Studio Anansi has partnered with Juva Digital to provide one free small business website.

That’s a gorgeous website provided 100% free.

Complete our application form to enter the monthly selection. To be eligible, business must be based in the USA.

If you are chosen, you will be contacted via email to select your Juva Digital website.

Yes — we provide the websites free of charge.

The only costs are hosting and your website address, which are standard costs for any website or platform.

Recipients are chosen based on demonstrated need and alignment with our studio values.

Examples of alignment with studio values include social justice, racial equity, and environmentally-forward policies.

Enter Now

By completing the entry form, you agree to receive emails from Studio Anansi. You can opt-out at any time — but if you opt-out, you may miss notification should you be chosen for a free website.

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We give back to support new businesses and emerging nonprofits.

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