Love Yourself — 5 Things I Loved in February

February sometimes feels like the real start of the year. In January, I’m still catching up with the new year…February is when the fun begins.

This Feb brought a lot of exciting changes for me. Here are five of my favs from the past month.

1. Houseplants

Since I’m working at my desk pretty much all the time, I need a WFH space that brings me joy. I love adding personal touches like art, handwritten notes, and plants. My latest find is from Planty McPlanterface — yes, that’s the real name of the store.

It’s one of my new favs because they have the most beautiful plants and their owner is super friendly. If you’re in PDX, go check ‘em out on Alberta St!

2. Continuous learning

When people ask how I stay up-to-date about web trends, I explain my policy on CDE — Continuing Digital Education.

(Yes, I made up that term.)

(And yes, I know it’s a little type-A of me…hi have we met.)

My commitment is at least 4 hours of CDE per month. Each week, I block out an hour for myself to research new tools and attend virtual seminars about trending topics.

3. Playing outdoors

I love playing on the weekends. I know that I can only do my best work during the week if I also take care of my mental and physical health.

Crosscountry skiing is new to me this winter, and I absolutely adore it. There’s no time to think about writing code or resizing files or optimizing webpages…all of my attention narrows down to staying in motion and being present in the world’s most beautiful forest.

Crosscountry skiing on mount hood near portland oregonNbd, just yours truly in the most gorgeous snowy forest full of endless adventure.

Spending time outdoors rejuvenates me for…

4. CEO Days

Each week, I spend one CEO day working on big-picture projects. This is also when I identify what activities have been the most successful and plan my next months.

Thanks to my CEO days, I’ve built out a new client portal that’s already saved me time this year. Plus, I had CEO time to plan and build…

5. My redesigned website

It’s finally here! My new website is live and online. In fact, you’re on it right now. ? Explore and enjoy.

Life’s too short to not have fun…what did you love from this past month?

With joy,

| studio anansi

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