Why I Love Mapping Your Business Potential

By Elliot Olson

Studio Anansi Founder & Website Designer

Since founding Studio Anansi, I’ve loved helping businesses improve their online presence and user experience. Over the years, I’ve learned that I really enjoy working with business owners to map their business potential.

“Mapping business potential” is oftentimes one of those things that people think about in the back of their minds.

They know that they should be reviewing their business strategy and systems. And that they should be looking at other businesses for ideas and inspiration.

But in reality, mapping potential usually falls to the end of the to-do list.

It can sound daunting, so people tend to push it off until they “have more time” (aka never).

Mapping your business potential doesn’t have to be a weight in the back of your mind. I explain it to clients as a fun process (seriously!). It’s all about looking at your business through fresh eyes to identify friction and opportunities in areas like…

  • Visitor journey
  • Tech tools
  • Sales funnels
  • Customer experience
  • And even a little marketing!

TL;DR / To summarize, mapping your business potential is about 1) gaining insights into the areas where you may be falling short, and 2) strategizing ways to improve.

Now, mapping isn’t a fast process.

It takes time (I’m talking days, not hours) to really dig into your business goals, target audience, and competition.

Understanding your visitor touchpoints, analyzing your tech, identifying gaps in your processes — these are all crucial steps, and they work together to support each other.

That said, I’ve found that investing to map your potential is worth every second.

That’s why I included it in the very first section of my Momentum Design framework.

This framework is the basis of my Elevated Experience service, and I made sure to add the mapping process in the first section (where most people start) because I’ve found that it helps lay a strong foundation for future success.

| studio anansiA thorough map helps identify ways to streamline and automate processes (saving you time and money in the long run).

Plus, it helps you improve user experience (meaning you impress customers and grow your business faster).

By mapping their potential, I’ve helped clients…

  • Identify ways to increase sales via improvements to their funnels
  • Save hours of time by automating their project management
  • Reach new audiences by tweaking their marketing strategy

If we’d skipped the mapping process, they would have missed out on identifying opportunities to attract new customers, boost sales, and improve their online presence.

At the end of the day, I believe that investing in your online presence and user experience is crucial for success — and mapping your potential is a first step.

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