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Eldercare Resource Planning wanted a new, modern website that worked well on both desktop and mobile. Their old website had grown to over 100 pages without a comprehensive plan. As a result, pages were disorganized and lacked structure.

It was also time to update their old website images and style. They wanted to keep their old logo while visually connecting their website with their mission — helping families throughout the United States plan for eldercare needs.

Finally, the team needed to organize and simplify their intake process for clients. They wanted a simple, three-step system to collection information after a client purchased their services. They also wanted to be able to accept payments directly through their website.


I designed a new look for their website, featuring photos of families and elders. I avoided stereotypical pictures of seniors by instead focusing on aging with dignity. I reduced their 100+ page website to the core 30 pages. By simplifying their website structure, the site is better organized and more accessible for search engines. As with all my website designs, I also optimized the web pages for search engines with logically-structured and keyword-optimized headers.

During the research phase of the project, I discovered several questions shared by potential customers. I incorporated these questions into the rewritten copy on several pages. I also added on-page elements that answered these questions — making it that much easier for potential customers to know if ECRP was a good fit for their needs.

Finally, I added an online payment option, which streamlined the process of converting website visitors into clients. With an automated purchase process in place, the team at ECRP can spend less time on administrative processes — and more time helping clients.


I was concerned about how to communicate the essence of our service and value to the customers. Elliot and her team completely nailed it so very little editing or directing was needed. It was so impressive that I’m planning to hire her again to work on our client onboarding and contractor process.

– Michael Guerrero, Chief Executive Officer at Eldercare Resource Planning

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