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A comprehensive review to improve your website + increase your knowledge

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Ready for a website that actually works?

Does this sound like you?

You aren’t seeing online sales. Donations aren’t coming in. Your search engine results are lackluster — or even nonexistent.

But you just aren’t sure what to fix.

A Website Wellness Exam is the answer.

Just having a website isn’t enough. Your website should grow your business, align with your brand, and protect your data.

All too often, I hear website owners say things like…

“I know the hours are wrong. And I think there are some broken links. But I just don’t have the time to update everything, there’s so much to do…”

I get it.

Your to-do list is already bursting. It’s easy for websites to fall to the bottom of the list.

But your website is online at all times. One broken link or an overlooked security flaw could cost you thousands of dollars in missed sales — or set you up for an enormously expensive fix down the road.

Whether your website was DIY-ed or built by a professional developer, every site can benefit from identification of…

  • Critical security errors
  • How to improve visitor experience
  • Areas for search engine optimization
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Hidden settings to increase conversions

I review your site as a designer and experienced developer. From working with websites every day, I can update you on the latest in online trends.

Plus, I view your website with an outside perspective — seeing pain points that you may overlook.

Best of all, I don’t just provide a comprehensive report.

You should succeed as the website owner.

I explain my analysis and reasons for recommendations — so you’re more knowledgeable and empowered going forward.

what’s the process?

01 / Purchase the Wellness Exam here.
02 / Complete the online form.
03 / Receive your complete report within two weeks.


Can I just review my own website?

Unless you work with websites daily, it can be hard to know where your website is lacking. Are you familiar with your website’s PHP, admin settings, sitemap, and user privileges? Have you identified a consistent font kerning, header and footer content system, and HEX color palette?

Your website may have glaring issues that you just can’t see. What’s obvious to a web developer can be hidden from view, and simple fixes could be costing you customers and sales.

I built my site on Squarespace / WordPress. Aren’t they safe to use?

I love both Squarespace and WordPress, but it’s easy to overlook critical settings in the overwhelm of building an entire site. I’ve seen some websites that were completely missing out on SEO — all because the website owner forgot to change a single setting.

I think it’s fantastic that people can build websites on platforms like Squarespace and WordPress. But as more and more people use templates to create their websites, there’s an ever-growing pool of sites with similar architecture. More common targets means increasing attention from hackers and malicious users. A Website Wellness Exam is especially important if you use a website builder.

My website isn’t perfect, but I think it’s ok…

Letting your website be “good enough” could cost you thousands of dollars in missed sales— or set you up for an expensive security fix down the road.

Why settle for a website that’s just “ok,” when you could be optimizing for increased sales and growth? Investing in a Website Wellness Exam is a one-time cost that pays you back in spades.

What will the Website Wellness Exam cover?

Each exam is a comprehensive review to ensure that your website is optimized and setting you up for success. I cover questions such as…


Does your website load quickly enough to engage visitors? Is information clearly presented and easy to follow? Is your website optimized for mobile, or are you lagging behind?


Is your data secured? Are you keeping yourself and your audience safe from cyberattacks? What security measures are in place to defend your website? Are there gaps in your security?


Are pages organized logically for new visitors? Do you have a clear call-to-action on each page? How can you convert more of your audience into loyal customers?

Social Media

Is your website integrated with your social media presence? Do you link to profiles that appear consistent and trustworthy? Are you building trust with your social media profiles?

Search Engine Optimization

How does your website appear in search engines? Are your search results accurate, and do they guide visitors to the most important information? Are you overlooking easy fixes to increase your search rank?


Elliot was able to help me articulate what I wanted in my website, as well as find creative ways to achieve and enhance my vision. She was reliable, communicative, and knowledgeable – she always found a variety of options, asked my opinion, and gave an informed perspective. It was a pleasure working with her, and very exciting to see the project take shape.



Are any of these true for you?

  • Your site is over 6 months old
  • It’s not bringing you the business you need
  • You’re unsure about site security
  • Your SEO isn’t getting better

If so, it’s time for a Wellness Exam. Whether your website was developed by a professional or is a DIY project you put together yourself, a Website Wellness Exam can help identify pain points and areas for growth.

I’ll send you an initial form to complete prior to the Website Wellness Exam.

No matter what platform your website uses, my Website Wellness Exams are universal.

I mostly build websites on WordPress and Squarespace, but the exam will help all sites.

Yes! My Wellness Exam includes a report of my findings and recommendations for your website. You’ll receive a list of clear next steps for improvement. Plus, you’ll receive 10% off my usual hourly rate if you choose to have me implement the suggestions for your site.
Yes, I provide an estimate to implement the suggestions for your website. You’ll receive 10% off my usual hourly rate if you choose to have me implement the suggestions for your site.

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