Case Study: Goddess Glitter Recouped Their Website Investment Just Two Weeks After Launch

At Studio Anansi, we craft websites and digital systems for businesses ready to scale.

We recently designed a new website for Goddess Glitter, a premier beauty entrepreneur brand receiving national attention for revolutionizing the hair tinsel industry.

After several years of rapid growth, Goddess Glitter needed a new website…and they needed one fast

Their new online courses were set to open in early summer, just a few short months away. The clock was ticking for a new website to launch alongside open enrollment.

Goddess Glitter founder Kelsea Jensen approached Studio Anansi to design a new website and elevated online space for the Goddess Glitter community.

She envisioned a digital home that showcased the business’s modernized branding, smoothly converted visitors into customers, and reduced workloads for the busy Goddess team.

We were delighted to rise to the occasion and fulfill her vision.

Student Dashboard
Tailored Email Series
Online Courses


I feel so lucky to have found Elliot and Studio Anansi. I created my business a few years ago, and it was finally time to give my website the upgrade my future self and business would be so thankful for and proud of. I knew that scaling my business in the way I had always dreamed, would require a website that could handle and attract that kind of success. From the beginning, Elliot made me feel comfortable to ask all of my ‘silly’ questions, she guided the experience seamlessly, and had the BEST suggestions for the new site. Also, this process was so organized (as a less organized person, I appreciated this deeply, what peace of mind!), structured, and as non stressful as building a new site to represent your precious business could be. I highly recommend Studio Anansi!

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Kelsea Jensen

Founder, Goddess Glitter


From the beginning, we loved the Goddess Glitter mission — to elevate the magic of hair sparkles.

Their high-quality strands of “Glitterlites” are 4x stronger and more durable than traditional hair tinsel. It’s no wonder that Goddess Glitter has received national media coverage and developed a loyal fanbase of beauty entrepreneurs around the globe.

But the old Goddess Glitter website didn’t reflect the elevated branding and professional tools developed by founder Kelsea Jensen.

After several years of rapid growth and media attention, Kelsea knew it was time for a website overhaul. She dreamed of a “one stop sparkle shop” with professional, sleek branding. On her new website, stylists would be able to easily purchase supplies, enroll in online courses, and connect with local clients.

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Above all, Kelsea was excited for a website that ran smoothly from start to finish. 

After years of answering the same questions over and over, she could pinpoint the communication gaps and areas in need of improvements. She envisioned a website that quickly addressed customer questions. Kelsea wanted to reduce time spent in her business, so she could spend more time on her business and strengthen connections with her loyal fans.

Using our signature Studio Anansi Future Planning Website Design approach, we designed a new website with intuitive navigation, tailored shopping experiences, and engaging communication.

The new website balances professionalism and whimsy, enhancing the Goddess Glitter brand while ensuring clear communication with customers.

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Before designing the site, we found it especially helpful to delve deeply into Goddess Glitter’s recent growth and upcoming goals.

Thanks to several years of rapid expansion, the Goddess Glitter team knew where their communication could be improved. They also wanted to showcase their modernized brand on the website and new online courses. With course enrollment opening soon, they needed systems to support students at all phases.

We elevated the Goddess Glitter branding and customer experience by designing an intuitive visitor flow.

For new visitors, we crafted a tailored sales page that presents the course components, steps to enroll, and testimonials from past students. Rather than requiring manual processing from the Goddess Glitter team, the simple checkout makes it easy for students to enroll at any time.

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We also designed a customized dashboard to welcome students after they enroll. Featured links and resources ensure an outstanding, frictionless experience from purchase to training.

And the exemplary customer experience doesn’t stop there.

For trained stylists, we designed a system to join the Goddess Glitter directory. This new searchable directory connects students with local clients, helping stylists launch their new sparkle services with ease.

Best of all, these systems don’t add work for the Goddess Glitter team. Everything is automated, syncing student data from beginning to end.

In addition to the elevated customer experience, we also crafted welcome content for visitors.

During discovery and planning, we noticed that the Goddess Glitter team — like many small businesses — sometimes overlooked the incredible nature of their products. Because they were immersed in the Glitterlite world every day, it was easy to miss the forest for the trees

Our professional copywriting brought an outside perspective. New webpage and email copy now explains the unique benefits of Goddess Glitter and builds brand loyalty.

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Visitors, customers, and stylists now receive tailored messages with information about the Goddess Glitter community and specific products. Our customized content fosters deeper relationships between online visitors and the Goddess Glitter brand, cementing loyalty without requiring additional work from the Goddess Glitter team.

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For visitors ready to invest, we also decreased purchase friction by simplifying checkout options. Using our Future Planning Website Design process, we anticipated visitor questions and reduced the need for lengthy back-and-forth communication.

After launch, Goddess Glitter recouped their website investment in just two — yes, TWO — weeks.

Kelsea now enjoys a dynamic website that matches her brand. She and the Goddess team can feel confident that the new website works smoothly from start to finish.

“I feel so lucky to have found Elliot and Studio Anansi,” Kelsea says. “From the beginning, Elliot made me feel comfortable to ask all of my ‘silly’ questions, she guided the experience seamlessly, and had the BEST suggestions for the new site.”

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Kelsea also appreciated the clear organization and project timeline. “This process was so organized (as a less organized person, I appreciated this deeply, what peace of mind!),” she explains.

“The process was structured and as non-stressful as building a new site to represent your precious business could be. I highly recommend Studio Anansi!”

The pleasure was ours, Kelsea. Thank you for trusting us with the Goddess Glitter redesign and supporting your business growth!

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