3 Tips to Write Engaging, Compelling Website Copy


Compelling website copy | studio anansi

Compelling website copy | studio anansi

When people visit your website, they’re looking for something. If you don’t give it to them quickly and easily, they’ll leave your site and look elsewhere.

Your beautiful design and thoughtfully-crafted “About” page? Not super important if nobody makes it past the homepage!

So how can you give people what they’re looking for? The key is to describe what you offer with clear, direct language.

Hoooow clear exactly?

I’m talking crystal clear.

If your website isn’t bringing in the sales and donations you want, take 10 minutes to review the pages. Put yourself in the shoes of a new visitor who has never heard of you before.

As you look at the website through “fresh” eyes, ask yourself:

Can I immediately understand who this website is for?
Are the benefits of each product/service clear?
Do I know exactly where to click next?

If anything in your review was unclear, it’s time to improve your website copy. Your goal: to get your point across as quickly as possible while also being easy to understand.

Here are three ways to quickly improve your website copy.

1. Make sure you have a clear heading on each page. Include the main “W” questions: Who you are, What you do, Why you do it, and When/Where.

Though TBH the when/where are less important if your business is global or entirely online.

2. Improve your calls to action (CTAs) with action words and timeframes. For example: “Buy Now” or “Donate Today.”

3. Reduce choices. We humans love having choices — but we’re easily overwhelmed by too many options. (Ever had to pick between 30 practically identical cereals in the grocery store? ?) Either limit your offerings or guide website visitors to the main choice you want them to make.

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