Q&A: Two Tips from a Web Designer

I recently shared a link to my website. And boy oh boy, did I receive some great comments!

Ready for a behind-the-scenes peek at my website strategy?

I’m answering a few of the most common questions, starting with…

“Umm…that’s not you on the homepage. Who is that?”

Ok ok, you caught me. 😉

I’m talkin’ the talk without walkin’ the walk.

I always tell clients that posting photos of yourself is CRUCIAL to connecting with your audience and establishing trust.

I’m in the process of taking new brand photos — helloooo leveling up my photo game! I have a photoshoot on Monday with a fantastic local photographer. Get excited for new pics coming in the next few weeks!

For now, the homepage features a lovely stockphoto lady. She looks like a Claire to me.

“Why is there so much content on your contact page? Isn’t that page normally just for a contact form?”

Let me get nerdy for a minute here…because I get worked up about contact pages.

These overlooked pages are one of the easiest ways to boost your visitor experience.

Think about a typical website contact page. Usually there’s just a contact form asking for your name, email, and message. Maybe some social media links or a phone number, if you’re lucky.

So what’s the problem with this generic contact page?

A short, generic contact page is like asking a short, generic question. And an uninspired question means an uninspired answer.

“How are you?” “Fine.”


Contact pages are an opportunity to engage your audience. Reassure them that they’re in the right place! You’re the solution to their problem! Answer questions before they’re even asked with links to things like an FAQ, services page, or testimonials.

(I could say soooo much more about contact pages. This may be inspiring a longer post in the near future…)

So there you have it — two quick tips from a web designer on how to improve your website content with photos (especially of you!) and strategy.

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