The Smart Way to Pick Fonts for Your Brand

Newsflash — you’re married. To your fonts.

If you’re thinking, “Um…what does that even mean?”

Let me explain.

I was listening to a design podcast recently (nerdy, I know). The host commented on how non-designers oftentimes mix and match fonts. They’ll use some fonts on Instagram, a few others on their website, different ones in their freebies, and sprinkle even more into their emails.

The result of all this willy-nilly font usage? A brand (and website) that looks messy as hell.

In the design world, fonts come with specific rules.

Now I’m not saying you always have to follow rules. In fact, I’m all in favor of strategically breaking design rules.

But rules usually exist for a reason. And in the case of fonts, one BIG reason is to keep your website and online properties from looking chaotic.

Messy branding is a visual cue to customers that you don’t have your act together. They may not be able to pinpoint why exactly your vibe feels “off” — but people usually get “a feeling” when something isn’t quite as professional as they expect.

One quick way to give people that feeling?

A jumble of fonts on your website and online platforms.

So when you pick fonts for your website and brand, keep these tips in mind:

1. Have three fonts at most. A heading font (for the attention-grabbing headings), a body font (for longer blocks of text), and a script font (that you use verrrrrrry sparingly).

2. Remember legibility. The most beautiful script font in the world won’t do much for your conversions if your website visitors can’t read it.

3. Test fonts in multiple places. There’s nothing worse than picking the perfect font only to discover that it isn’t available for Adobe Suite or your WordPress theme.

4. Once you pick your fonts, don’t change them. ‘Nuff said.

As the podcast host insisted, “When you picked fonts, you married them! You commit, don’t keep trying out new options.”

Wise words.

So go pick your fonts (check out the many free fonts from Google) and put a ring on ‘em.

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