My Two Week Website Design Process Explained

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If you have ever wondered what it’s like to work with a website designer, this will give a behind-the-scenes glimpse into my web design process.

But first, some history…

My Old Design Process

My old website design process worked for me for years — but it wasn’t perfect.

Not by a long shot.

With my old system, website designs took anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. The client and I began with an initial call and information gathering. After they signed off on the project, it was up to them to gather information — a process that could take up to four weeks. Once they prepared all the relevant information, I designed for two weeks. Then the client had another two weeks to review and send me up to two rounds of revision requests.

So what was the problem with that process?

Each client needed to prepare a lot of information…and I mean a lot.

Branding elements. Ideal client persona. Text. Images. SEO keywords. And more!

Some clients had this information readily available, but others were starting from scratch. Client prep time could take anywhere from one day if they were suuuuper organized, to up to an entire month if they had to create everything fresh.

Because it took different lengths of time for us to reach the design stage, projects would bunch together on my schedule. I ended up with multiple designs ongoing at the same time — which meant I had to split my time between clients who all deserved my full attention!

Plus, I do my best design work when I can give a project my full attention without bouncing from project to project. The mental shift of going from one website to another is no joke. It may seem like a small distinction, but it meant that I was being pretty dang inefficient with my time!

I also had a limit on the number of revisions that clients could request. I had originally installed a cap to ensure that the redesign process didn’t drag on foreeeever with endless back-and-forth edits. But when clients knew they only had two rounds of revisions, they would sometimes wait until they had a comprehensive list of edits to send as one of their two rounds.

The result? They were anxious about compiling all their edits, and I was frustrated by revision delays.


Obviously, that system wasn’t great. I knew there had to be a better way…

Enter the New Process: Two Week Website Design

My new two week design process is waaaaay more concise and effective.

To start, you select a two-week design slot on my calendar. Before the design slot, I send a clear, easy checklist of content for you to prepare. By the time your design slot starts, we already have all the content ready to go. During your design slot, you are my only priority — I take on just one design client at a time. You have unlimited revisions and a gorgeous, fully launched website at the end of Week Two!

Let’s run through each stage…


This is the period when you gather all the content you’ll need for your website. My Welcome Pack will walk you through everything you need for your website content, from images to text.

First you fill out questionnaires to help us hone in on your keywords, search engine optimization plan, and ideal client. Then you build an inspiration board that will help set the mood of your site. Finally you share your website text and images with me — and don’t worry if you don’t have text or images yet! I provide guides walking you through the process of finding photos and writing fantastic website text.


On Monday of Week One, we kick off with a strategy call. This is when I go over any questions I have from your questionnaires and content. We get crystal clear about your site’s purpose and vision. After our call, I create a style guide and send it to you for approval. This makes sure we are 100% on the same page before any designing actually takes place.

For the rest of the week, I’ll design while you sit back and relax! We’ll be in constant email communication as I design your site for these days.

On Friday of Week One, I send you a private link to your site design. The link isn’t public, but you can explore the design and your new pages.


This week, you can request as many revisions as you want to your site. Some clients send revisions every day, some send just one or two total! It’s entirely up to you.

While you review the content, I finalize your SEO settings, add your social media links, and connect any integrations you may need.

On Friday, it’s launch day! We hop on a call to walk through your website. During the call, I connect your domain and Google Analytics. We go over how to update your website content, change text, and add images. This call is recorded and you can download the video, so you are able to re-watch it whenever you need.

At the end of the call, you pay your final invoice and we launch the site — and you’re done! Aka it’s time to celebrate and show off your new website.

Why Clients Love the Two Week Website Design Process

You get my full, undivided attention. Since I only take on one design client at a time, I can give you all the attention you deserve! If you have any questions or design feedback, I’m a quick phone call or email away — there’s no waiting days to hear back on questions.

You set your own prep time. You can decide how much time you need to prepare your website content. Already have all your content and branding ready? Pick an early design slot. Need to write your amazing new website pages? Give yourself some extra time with a design slot that’s a little further out. You can pick the right amount of time for you.

You get unlimited revisions. There’s no limit on the number of revisions you can request to your design. I’m in constant communication with you throughout Week One, making sure our visions are aligned. By the end of Week One, I send a link to a private site where you can fully test your new website. During Week Two, you can send as many design edits as you want — the only deadline is our launch date on Friday of Week Two!

You can count on a definite launch date. With a two week schedule, you know that there are no delays or dragging feet. You can schedule around the Friday of Week Two launch date — aka plan a celebration to debut your gorgeous new website for the world!

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