Is Your Website About You or Your Audience? (The Case for Both)

Should your website cater to your visitors, or should it just be about you? You have to balance both sides to create an effective website.

You may be wondering if your website should be about you or your audience. Both viewpoints elicit strong feelings from web designers.

One camp says that your website should exclusively focus on your ideal client. You should anticipate exactly what your ideal website visitor wants to see, hear, and feel. All your content should cater to that client’s desires.

The other camp says that your website should be just about you. This is your website, after all! Your brand, ideas, and voice should sparkle through on every page.

The truth is, your website has to balance these views.

Should your website be all about your customer?

It’s important that you think about your target audience and your ideal customer as you design your website. You want to know who to reach and how to reach them effectively online. That’s why our website design process begins by identifying your target customer and their profile.

Consider your own target audience. What kind of experience do they want to have? How can you align your website to match their expectations of your service?

Your website should incorporate your target audience in its design and branding. That’s why each of our website design projects includes brand development. During this process, we identify your ideal client. Using information about your target audience, we define brand elements such as colors, fonts, graphics, animations, and more.

However, your website cannot be 100% about your customer. As we’ve said before, people connect with other people! Your audience wants to know who’s on the other side of the business.

Your website can showcase your values and brand. These elements help represent your brand and ensure a cohesive online experience for your customers. They bridge your identity with your audience’s expectations.

Creating a website for your customers and yourself.

At the end of the day, your website needs to be about both your customers and yourself. There will always be a balance to strike between what your audience expects and who you are.

“Mass advertising can help build brands, but authenticity is what makes them last. If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

– Howard Schultz

You want to create a consistent experience for your website audience. If you create a website that’s just about them, they don’t feel that connection with you — and they don’t build brand loyalty.

If you create a website it’s just about you, they may not feel comfortable or excited to return to your website and become a loyal customer.

Your website has to be about both your target audience and yourself.

Ready for an authentic, effective website?

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