Free WordPress Website Launch Checklist – 2021 Edition

Picture of By Elliot Olson

By Elliot Olson

Lead Web Designer + Digital Strategist

Getting ready to launch a new website?

You’re in the right place.

If you’ve ever designed a website, you know that the launch is crucial.

Imagine this scenario…you’ve worked on a website for weeks — even months. But when you finally launch your new website, everything goes off the rails.

The links aren’t working. The images have vanished. And the menu is still redirecting to an old URL.


You’re stressed, your client is unhappy, and suddenly you’re scrambling to fix the site.

It’s enough to scare a web designer away from launches forever.

Fortunately, messy website launches can be a thing of the past. Launching a new WordPress website can be easy and smooth. All it takes is a system and checklist to ensure that every step is completed.

Ready to learn from my years of experience?

Since 2013, I’ve led my own website design studio. I’ve built websites for businesses of all sizes…solopreneurs, local businesses, global organizations, you name it!

As you can probably guess, I’ve learned a thing or two about successfully launching websites. I’ve built a comprehensive collection of WordPress tips, from optimizing images and to saving time with SEO.

Of course, it hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes, I learned lessons the hard way. The messy way. The oh-shoot-why-did-that-page-vanish-right-before-launch way.

Let me save you the headache of stressful launches. I’ve developed a step-by-step WordPress website launch checklist. These steps keep launches on track before, during, and after you hit that “publish” button.

In part, I wrote this list to save my own sanity. I also wrote it to help website owners like you prepare for and launch your own website successfully!

My checklist takes the stress out of your website launch.

You’ve got this, website owner. This is what makes scary WordPress launches a thing of the past.


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