DIY Website Boost for Squarespace and WordPress Sites

Ready for a website that actually works? This DIY website review is perfect for Squarespace and WordPress websites. Get started now!

The 5 Day Website Challenge wrapped up yesterday!

ICYMI, we covered…

  • Focusing site content
  • Improving visitor experience
  • Optimizing for search
  • Testing mobile design
  • Tightening security

I run this challenge in January because the beginning of the year is a great time to update your website. Even just a few small edits can be serious game-changers.

Updating your website will be helpful for literally the entire rest of the year. Is it time for you to…

Update your homepage to point to your newest services? New year, new customers! Bringing attention to new services will convert more of your website traffic from visitors into loyal customers.

Write descriptive content for your top search results? Better search descriptions will engage people who otherwise overlook you in their searches.

Fix an outdated security setting? Old website security is seriously dangerous — for you and your website visitors. Updating your security means spending a few minutes now to prevent hacks that cost thousands of dollars down the road.

I cover these topics and more in my Website Wellness Exams, when I review your site as a designer and developer. From working with websites every day, I can update you on the latest in online trends. Plus, I use my outside perspective to spot pain points that you may overlook.

Best of all, I don’t just provide a comprehensive report. I believe that YOU should succeed as the website owner. I explain my analysis and reasons for recommendations — so you’re more knowledgeable and empowered going forward.

But if you’re more of a DIY type, I get it.

Here are two free options for you:

1. Enter the giveaway.

Enter my giveaway for a chance to win a free Website Wellness Exam.

2. Do your own DIY mini exam!

Start with the DIY Mini Website Wellness Exam freebie.

A lot of times, people do their own DIY website exam and come to me when they’re ready to level up their websites even more.

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